A Cultural Strategist & Semiotician, I write about market research and life from my perspective. www.touchofwhit.com, www.insightsincolor.com

We never get to choose how others see us

I was recently on a webinar about entrepreneurship for a fashion retail brand and was asked what my style was. Because of COVID and my inability to leave my desk, I haven’t really thought of my style or what it’s evolved…

What to do about the missing backbone of the research and insights industry

Working in the market research industry, I’ve come to understand a few things: researchers lack back bones.

Now, before anyone gets offended, let me explain.

To be a market researcher, someone who works in the background, is…

A new sense-check solution for market research & insights professionals seeking to ensure inclusive, non-biased approaches to their research methods

In a survey geared towards identifying the content market researchers & insights professionals wanted to see in a more equitable and diverse MRX industry, just under 80% requested best practice solutions for multicultural insights, research and strategy.

The desire for guidance around gathering and interpreting multicultural data & insights is…

Whitney Dunlap-Fowler

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